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Gaze-Based Personalized Multi-View Experiences

Maria Teresa Andrade 1 and Tiago Soares da Costa 2
1. Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
2. INESC TEC/Center for Telecommunications and Multimedia, Porto, Portugal
Abstract—This paper describes a solution for delivering and presenting stereoscopic video content to users in an innovative way. It adopts the multi-view paradigm of the H.264-MVC video coding standard and the emergent MPEG DASH specification to provide users in heterogeneous network environments multiple and varying perspectives of stereoscopic video sequences. Unlike existing 3D systems based on multi-view technology, which require high transmission bandwidth and high processing power on the terminal device to achieve the same objective, the proposed solution is able to make an efficient use of network resources whilst being cost-effective. It offers users a higher quality of experience by seamlessly adapting the quality of the delivered video content according to the network conditions, whilst providing a more realistic sense of immersion by offering stereoscopic views of the scene, dynamically switching the perspective to match the interests of the user. A non-intrusive head-tracking system using an off-the-shelf Web camera detects the focus of attention of the user, transmitting this information to the server that selects the most appropriate view to send to the client. Additionally, the system is able to generate the multiple perspective stereoscopic scenes using 2D cameras.

Index Terms—multi-view, eye tracking, personalized, immersive, context, multi-media adaptation

Cite: Maria Teresa Andrade and Tiago Soares da Costa, "Gaze-Based Personalized Multi-View Experiences," Journal of Media & Mass Communication, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 43-49, December, 2015. doi: 10.12720/jmmc.1.2.43-49
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