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Dual-Mode Congestion Control Mechanism for Video Services

Juha Vihervaara and Pekka Loula
Tampere University of Technology, Pori Campus, Finland
Abstract—Video services represent over a half of Internet traffic. However, there is not any congestion control mechanism which would be suitable and widely used for all kinds of video services. This paper provides a study in which this kind of congestion control mechanism is further developed and improved based on the findings of our previous study. This mechanism offers a specific approach for congestion control because it can offer dual-mode congestion control services. There is a backward loading mode where the bandwidth is given away to other connections after the load level of a network exceeds a certain level. Instead, the other mode, a real-time mode, always wants its fair share of the bandwidth.

Index Terms—congestion control, video transfer, simulation

Cite: Juha Vihervaara and Pekka Loula, "Dual-Mode Congestion Control Mechanism for Video Services," Journal of Media & Mass Communication, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 50-56, December, 2015. doi: 10.12720/jmmc.1.2.50-56
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