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QoS-Aware Video Transcoding Service Selection Process

Nawaf O. Alsrehin and Stephen W. Clyde
Utah State University, Computer Science Department, Logan, Utah 84322, USA
Abstract—This paper addresses the problem of selecting a “best-fit” video transcoding function in a cloud-based video delivery system. Since the combination of frame size, frame rate, video bit rate, and transcoding delay all affect the end-user’s experience in non-intuitive and subjective way, we define the “best-fit” as a selection that satisfies hard con-straints on the input and output video formats and comes as close as possible to satisfying soft constraints on the Quality of Services. “As close as possible” means that given a set of constrains and a set of possible choices, the selection is one that sophisticated users would judge as resulting in user experiences that are as good or better than any other choice. We introduce four candidate algorithms, namely Normal-ized Similarity (NS), Normalized Euclidean Distance (NED), Weighted Normalized Similarity (WNS), and Weighted Normalized Euclidean Distance (WNED), and show that they are O(log(N) + M) where N is the total number of choices and M is the maximum number of choices that satis-fy the hard constraints. We then conduct an experiment using a database of video transcoders, sample viewer re-quests, and expert opinions about the “best-fit” choices for each request. We show that all of the above algorithms achieve excellent results in terms of success ratio and user satisfaction rate.

Index Terms—media delivery system, video transcoding services, quality of service, service selection and discovery

Cite: Nawaf O. Alsrehin and Stephen W. Clyde, "QoS-Aware Video Transcoding Service Selection Process," Journal of Media & Mass Communication, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 61-68, December, 2015. doi: 10.12720/jmmc.1.2.61-68
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